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Sundays 6-8pm

@ Pastor Chris' House

Daybreak Youth is a discipleship program open to 7th-12th grade students.  Weekly meetings feature Bible study, music and activities.


What do I need to bring?


Required for practice and games:

  • Non-marking shoes

  • Bottle of water


Recommended for practice:

  • Boys: 29.5" basketball 

  • Girs: 28.5" basketball

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Welcome to Daybreak Athletics!

Dear Parents,

Thank you for the privilege of working with your children in team sports.  I hope to support the work you are doing in training them to be mature young men and women who honor God with their lives.

Daybreak is the youth ministry for Sunrise Bible Fellowship, a small Baptist church in Red Bluff.  Daybreak Athletics is our program designed to provide athletic opportunities for students in 5th-8th grade who do not have a school sponsored opportunity.  This includes students from public, private, charter and homeschooled contexts.  We plan to offer coed soccer in the fall, boys and girls basketball in the winter, followed by boys and girls cross country and coed slowpitch softball in the spring. We welcome 4th grade students to practices so that they can get a head start in developing skills, and high school students who want to gain experience as assistants.

Daybreak emphasizes Christ-like character and development of life skills such as self-discipline, problem solving and teamwork.  We compete hard and play to win, but for the ultimate purpose of glorifying our Great God and Savior Jesus Christ. 

Coaching Philosophy

I coach the teams with an emphasis on improving the players’ skills and building their character.  This means that though I coach to win and the players play to win, victory in the score comes second to improvement.  This emphasis results in some unique features of my coaching style:

  • I build practices around the idea that the more times each player touches the ball, the more he/she can improve in control.  When there is not enough time for both, you may notice that I often sacrifice strategy drills (set plays, offside trap etc.)  in favor of skills development (dribbling, passing etc.).  High school coaches often build their players in strategy, but can only do so if the fundamental skills are in place.

  • I will try to position players according to their strengths, but also rotate them around as much as possible to help them explore other positions, develop a more complete understanding of the game and diversify their skills.  I will normally change goal keepers at the half, regardless of performance, to give other players a chance to try it out, and to encourage keepers to develop the necessary field and footwork skills necessary for excellent goalkeeping.  Though it might hurt our team’s chance of victory to remove a keeper who has played brilliantly, if it is in his/her best interest as a player, I will make the change.


  • I will make sure that each player sees action in every game and attempt to make playing time as equitable as possible – even if that may cause the team to lose a game.  For your player to earn more time, he should listen carefully and follow instructions.  I will rarely sub a player out for a mistake, but will often pull him to give instructions or to remind him if he is not attempting to follow instructions.


  • I will push the kids to work harder than they think they can and challenge them to conquer new skills that they don’t think possible.  The players that I think can accomplish more, I will push harder.  This may result in situations that are “unfair”, but you can be assured that my reason for different standards is to bring the most out of each individual for his benefit and that of the team.


Parental Involvement

At this level of development in basketball, multiple voices yelling instructions confuses and distracts more than it helps.  During games and practices, cheer enthusiastically, but try to limit your instructions to before and after the games.  Please ask questions at practices and after games so that you can better understand what We are teaching the players so you can encourage them during competition and work with them at home.  Communication between us is essential to helping the kids. 


An example of the confusion a lack of communication brings is when parents yell “shoot it” when a player is passing as part of a designed play or “bad pass/don’t force it” as a player is trying to execute a newly learned passing technique.


Some parents ask, “What is my child supposed to do in their position?  I want to help.”  We hope that this is the mindset of all parents and look forward to answering any questions that can help in this regard. 


Together we parents and coaches can use athletics to train our kids to be disciplined, reliable, sacrificial, hard-working, kind and patient.  They can learn how to work with others and persevere through adversity all while having fun and learning a sport that can be enjoyable for years to come.  This will only be possible through a team effort, so we look forward to working with you and for you for the benefit of our kids.




Athletic Director, Chris Hurton

(530) 526-2524 call or text

Girls Coach Hannah Clowers

Boys Coach Caleb Hartwig